Ready to Ship is tomorrow! April 20th @ 3 PM CST! Check out the most recent blog post for the scent list and details!
November Ready To Ship

November Ready To Ship

# Saturday - November 20th
# 3:00 PM CST
## TAT: 7 to 10 business days (not including weekends and/or holidays)


**TAT INFO:** Our RTS has a 7 to 10 business day TAT excluding weekends and holidays. This coming week is Thanksgiving week so please take that into consideration.

**NO CART HOLD INFO:** To those of you who are new here, my platform does not offer a cart hold for items that are just sitting in your shopping cart. Only once you enter the actual check out process will it hold it. So with our RTS being very fast paced, chances are things will get jacked from your cart or items will over sell due to multiple people having the same item in their cart and checking out at the same time. For example, say there are 5 souffles left of Beach Treats.. but 6 of you have it in your cart and all check out simultaneously. It’s going to process 6 of them and throw the inventory into -1. (It never goes over -1 before realizing its out of stock.) So what I do when this happens is refund the people who have this over sold item on their order as soon as I catch them. Usually once the store slows down from the initial rush.

***My tip… go in and get your favorites first. Then go back in! Don’t worry about leaving a note in checkout and taking up time, just shoot me or Desi and message with your order numbers for combines!***

**We decided against Scent Shots at the last minute for a few reasons, we will instead do a give away later for a few scent shot bundles! **

**The following scents are available in: **


**Bad Santa** – Vanilla Birch, Fireside, and Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds.

**Balsam & Blooms** – Vanilla Balsam, Beach Nights, sandalwood, and golden autumn florals.

**Beach Treats** - Vanilla marshmallow, whipped cream, white magnolia, dark chocolate orchid, and driftwood. (Our version of BBW Beach Nights)

**Blankets By The Bonfire** - Fresh linens, white tea, bergamot, lavender, bonfire bliss.

**Buffalo Check** – Sweet cranberries, fresh pumpkin, red apples, and White Clouds.

**Campfire Stories** - Ooey gooey smores, cold night winds, and sweet vanilla woods.

**Cashmere Pines** – Cashmere cedar, cashmere cream, and vanilla pine cones.

**Chestnut & Clove** – Roasted chestnuts, ground clove, and cedarwood.

**Christmas Party** – Sweater Weather BBW Type, cranberries, orange, tangerine, with a hint of spice.

**Christmas Trees & Cream** - Fresh pine boughs, vanilla sugar waffle cone, and rich vanilla buttercream.

**Cider Cookies** – Apples, cake donut, cinnamon, caramel, and sugar cookies.

**Cinnamon Toast** - Brown sugar, cinnamon, buttery pastry dough, vanilla buttercream.

**Cookies for Breakfast** – Sweet frosted sugar cookies, birthday cake, and crunch berries.

**Cookies for Santa** - A blend of Frosted Sugar Cookies and Milk & Cookies.

**Country Christmas** – Balsam Fir, butter cookies, sweet spruce, with a hint of cinnamon and clove.

**Crushed Candy Cane Circus Cookies + Christmas Tree’s & Cream (layered)**

**Cupcakes by the Campfire** – Cupcakes @ Tiffany’s, Blueberry Sugar, Marshmallow Fireside, and a hint of pine.

**Everything Nice** – Cupcakes @ Tiffany’s, Strawberry Pound Cake BBW type, sweet lavender, layered with Milk & Cookies.

**Fall into Christmas** – Vanilla Pumpkin, Buttered Rum Eggnog, and butter cookies.

**Ho Ho Ho** – White cherries, soft citrus, crisp linen, juniper, and a hint of spruce.

**I (heart) Vanilla Pumpkin** - Creamy vanilla marshmallow, vanilla milkshake, Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds, and sweet pumpkin.

**I (heart) Vanilla Spiced Apples** – I (heart) Vanilla blended with juicy apples, cinnamon, clove, and vanilla bean.

**I Smell Fall **– Cider Lane BBW Type, Pecan Waffles, and Marshmallow Fireside.

**Lavender Snow** – Winter type, silver birch, lavender milk, and vanilla cream.

**Little Pumpkin Beach Party** – Beach Nights, pumpkin cupcakes, and marshmallow fluff.

**Midnight Snack **- Sweet Lavender, shortbread cookies, and sugar cookies.

**Modern Farmhouse** – Tonka & Oud, vanilla birch, and Egyptian Amber.

**Mrs. Teddy Bear** – A blend of Teddy Bear Biscuits, cherry pie filling, and whipped cream.

**Nude Beach** – Crème de Bum Bum, Cashmere Cream, and Beach Nights.

**Old School Christmas** – Fresh pine, red apples, warm cinnamon, sugar crystals, and marshmallow cream.(This one is my interpretation of The Perfect Christmas by BBW)

**Over The Hill & Through The Woods** – Christmas Tree’s & Cream blended with warm apple cider.

**PB & J BBW Type**

**Peach Cobbler Circus Cookies** – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies blended with decadent peach cobbler.

**Peppermint Mocha Sugar Cookies** – Expresso, steamed milk, chocolate mocha, peppermint, and frosted sugar cookies.

**Pink Embers** – Pink Sugar, sugar cookies, peppermint, vanilla, and Marshmallow Fireside.

**Pink Moon**- Pink Sugar, sweet lavender, the smell of rain, crushed apple blossoms, and bruised flowers.

**Pink Peppermint Circus Cookies** – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies, Pink Sugar, and sweet peppermint candy.

**Pumpkin Cookie Jar** – Oatmeal, brown sugar, vanilla, pumpkin, sugar cookies, and a hint of maple.

**Pumpkin Peanut Brittle BBW Type**

**Roans Prairie** – Barnwood, Leaves type, and smoke from the bonfire.

**Salem** – Gala apples, fraser fir, figs, mahogany, and cedarwood.

**Santa Claus is Coming to Town** – The smell of fresh baked cookies, candy canes, and Christmas Trees.

**Simply Christmas** – The smell of Christmas firs with the slightest hint of candy canes. (This one is just simple and to the point for anyone who is looking for that classic Christmas scent. So good!)

**Small Town Circus** – Caramel apples, kettle corn, funnel cakes, and cinnamon sugared pretzels.

**Snow Covered Orchard** – Sparking snow, whipped vanilla, apples, pears, and plums.

**Snuffle Puffs** – Boardwalk Circus Cookies blended with PB & J BBW Type.

**Strawberry Fudgery** – Straberry Pound Cake BBW, vanilla fudge butter, and Patisserie.

**Surfside Sweet Shop **- Birthday cake, marshmallow cream, butter cookies, cake batter, and Beach Treats (Beach Nights).

**Sweet Halloween** – Candy Corn, vanilla cupcakes, and sweet vanilla frosting.

**The Beautiful Creatures** – Pecan Waffles, Palo Santo, Vanilla Milk.

**The Haunted Bakery** - Zucchini Bread, buttercream frosting, pecan pralines.

**The Long Farewell** - Palo Santo, Twilight Woods, Pink Sugar, with a hint of lavender and vanilla.

**The Night Before Christmas** – Flannel Sheets, warm cashmere and vanilla blended with the scent of Christmas Tree’s.

**The Riverlands**- Palo Santo, cool mountain air, balsam, patchouli, crisp melon, cedar, crunchy leaves, and sandalwood.

**Tiff’s Favorite Bakery** – Blackberry jam, vanilla shortbread cookies, brown sugar, and waffle cone.

**Tiff's Favorite Lavender** - Lavender, sweet marshmallows, vanilla coconut milk.

**Toasted Marshmallow Circus Cookies**

**Toasty Bums** – Bum Bum Cream type, Lavender Cream, and toasted coconut chips.

**Tree Farm** – Frost covered Christmas Tree’s standing in rows for as far as the eye can see, and the smell of tilled earth (dirt).

**Trickin’ & Treatin’** - Purple Sugar (Pink & Blue Sugar), Beach Treats (Beach Nights), and vanilla cake pops.

**Valkyrie** – Cashmere Cream, Vanilla Snowflake BBW Type, Palo Santo.

**Vanilla Balsam BBW Type**

**Vintage Flannel** - Leaves type, sandalwood, cedarwood, dark chocolate, suede, velvet woods, jasmine, and musk.

**Weekend with Nene** – Winterfell layered with Pink Toasted Marshmallow.

**Weekend With Papa** - Salty Sea Air, Vanilla Bean Noel, toasted marshmallows (Sadie), blended with roasted pinecones.

**Whispering Wood** – Noble firs, pine needles, cedar, smoldering wood, and sandalwood.

**Winter Farmhouse** – Sugar cane, rosemary, blue spruce, teakwood, sweet mint, palo santo, and light florals.

**Winterfell** - Marshmallow fireside, palo santo, white birch, icy snow and vanilla.

**Witches Be Crazy for Blueberries** – Birthday cake, pecan waffles, sugar cookie dough, a pinch of cinnamon spiced vanilla blended with sweet blueberries.

**Witches Be Crazy** - Birthday cake, pecan waffles, sugar cookie dough, and a pinch of cinnamon spiced vanilla.

**Witchy Woman** – Warm flannel, blackberries, and Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds.


## Everything listed below is limited! We poured as much as we could, but keep that in mind!

**The following scents will be available in *SOUFFLES*:**

**Homemade Memories** - Rice Krispy Treats, vanilla frosting, and cake pops.

**Snowpocalypse 2021** – A magnificent blend of Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds, cashmere, sandalwood, vanilla bean, and cedar.

**Snowflakes and Cozy Sweaters** – Sweater Weather type, creamy vanilla, and a touch of icy mint.

**Balsam Beach** – Vanilla Balsam, ocean driftwood, with a touch of sea salt.

**Sadie** - Salty Sea Air, Vanilla Bean Noel, toasted marshmallows.

**Sugar Berry Birthday Cake** – Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type, Blueberry Sugar BBW type, and birthday cake.

**The Hamptons** - Watermelon Lemonade Type, salty sea air, and crisp linen.

**Strawberry Vanilla Birch** – Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type and Vanilla Birch.

**Fall Berry Sugar Cookies** - Cranberries dusted in sugar and sweet sugar cookies.

**Mr.Claus** – Cranberry Woods BBW type, Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies, and palo santo.

**Crushed Candy Cane** – Peppermint, sweet sugar, and candy canes.



**The following scents will be available in *12 OZ LOAVES* : **

**Crushed Candy Cane** – Peppermint, sweet sugar, and candy canes.

**Christmas in Baja** – Blue Winter Sky, Baja Cactus Blossom, and shaving cream.

**Brown Sugar Waffle Cone** - Vanilla sugar waffle cone, light brown sugar, with just a hint of blueberries and vanilla.



**The following scents will be available in *16 – 18 oz LOAVES* :**

Witches Be Crazy + Coffee Bean A la Mode Embeds

Witches Be Crazy + Vanilla Balsam Embeds

Winterfell + Vanilla Balsam Embeds + Magic in the Air Over Pour

Homemade Memories + Peppermint Sugar Embeds + Strawberry Pound Cake Over Pour



**The following scents will available in *8 oz BAKERY BAGS* – **

**A Viking Yule** – Mahogany Balsam BBW type with a hint of palo santo.

**Sweetheart Cookies** – Pink Sugar, frosted sugar cookies, shortbread, birthday cake, and sweet milk.

**Sweetie Pie** – Sweet strawberries, vanilla frosted cookies, and strawberry frosted cake.

**(NEW) Sugar Cookies & Egg Nog** – Warm sugar cookies blended with creamy egg nog , vanilla, and spice.

**(NEW) White Balsam** – Crisp balsam, fresh snow, and sparkling citrus.

**(NEW) Vanilla Frosted Raspberry** – Sweet vanilla frosting, sugar crystals, candied raspberries, and a hint of plum.

**(NEW) Wonderland** – Sweater Weather type, sweet plums, cashmere, and peppermint.

**(NEW) Cherry Amour** – Sweet on Paris type, white cherry, sweet citrus, and vanilla bean.



**The following scents will be available in *2 Pack Tiles* *(will add weight tomorrow)***

**Soothe** - Sweet Lavender, cotton & cashmere, with clean green clover & aloe.

**Blueberry Cheesecake Waffles** - Blueberries, creamy cheesecake, butter pecan waffles, maple syrup.

**Strawberry Tree’s & Cream** – Christmas Tree’s & Cream, and Strawberry Pound Cake BBW.

**Christmas Macchiato** - Fresh pine, buttercream, vanilla waffle cone, espresso, and vanilla ice cream.



**The following scents will available in *Single Shapes* *(will add weight tomorrow)***

***2 – Pack Stars***

**Mr. Kringle’s Nightcap** – Coffee beans, bourbon, teakwood, sandalwood, tobacco flowers, marshmallows, muscadine, and warm amber.


**Winter Island** – Vanilla Balsam, Coconut Sandalwood BBW Type, and salty sea air.

***Flower Shapes***

**Sugar Plum Cheesecake Danish** – Sweet sugar plums, cream cheese, confectioners sugar, vanilla, and flaky bread.

**Cedar Garland** – The smell of fresh cedar and Christmas Tree’s.

***Squirrels & Owls ***

**Sugar & Spice** - Cinnamon and sugar, vanilla bean, and buttery baked dough.

***Pumpkins & Apples***

**Hot Pie** - Palo Santo, sugared donuts, hint of chai, and a dash of Pink Chiffon.

**Ichabod C.** – Fresh pumpkins, clove, bourbon, maple, and toasted oak. (So warm and cozy!!)

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