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Melting Tips

Tips for getting the best scent throw out of your melts...

- WARMERS - not all warmers are GOOD warmers. Some have very low wattage and will only get so hot. These warmers are only good for very small spaces, like restrooms or such. 

If you are working with bulb warmers, I would suggest going with 25 watts, 40 watts, or hologen bulbs. And even still, depending on where you get them from some of them are fails. I do have some from Walgreens that work great though!

Hot plate or element warmers are my favorite! No less than 17 watts! Period. Preferably higher but 17 CAN work well! 

- If you have an open floor plan and/or vaulted ceilings, I would suggest having at least 2 to 3 full size warmers going at the same time. (Small plug-in style warmers are typically only good for smaller areas or as accent warmers.)

The bigger the space, the more warmers needed! Although, one full size warmer should be plenty for any size bedroom since they are typically closed off and not an open style space. I have vaulted ceilings and an open concept living/dining/foyer/stairwell, and 5 warmers provide a great throw with pretty much any wax I melt. I have 2 warmers in my kitchen also! Honestly, if you like a great hot throw you really can't have too many warmers! lol


- Do not place your warmer directly in the path of an a/c vent or any type of fan (ceiling fans will also cool down your wax), as this will prevent your wax from reaching the right temperature for maximum scent throw. (Before I was experienced with this stuff I threw away two warmers because I thought they were going out. I just could not get my wax to melt all the way! Once I realized the problem and turned off my tower fan, my wax melted beautifully!)

- Do not melt near an open window! It will literally suck all of your scent outside. 


- With our wax LESS IS MORE! Our wax is highly fragranced so you do not need a lot! I would suggest no more than 1/2 ounce. Too much wax in a warmer can drown the oil and prevent it from releasing into the air. Too little and the fragrnace will burn off quickly and perhaps even before the wax gets to good throwing temp!

Also, keep in mind that not all scents are created equal. Some fragrances are meant to throw VERY strong. Some are more mild, and then you have some that are meant to be light and subtle. If you find that a certain scent is not giving you the throw you want in a particular space, try adding another warmer or two. 

- Store your melts in a cool, dark place! And never in ziplock bags from the grocery store! The type of plastic used will absorb your scent over time. If possible keep your melts stored in the packaging they arrived in. OR Polypropylene Bags! 

- If you struggle with removing old wax from your warmer when you're ready to burn a new scent I have a tip for that as well! COTTON BALLS! Get the cheap cotton balls from Walmart and throw 3 to 4 in each warmer. Then I take a paper plate or an old tupperware bowl and go back around collecting all the cotton balls from the warmers after they have had time to absorb the wax.  

Important to remember! With the exception of some really strong blends, it is TOTALLY normal and typical for scent to begin to fade after a few hours. There are some blends and oils that can continue to throw fragrance well into the next day. THAT IS THE EXCEPTION NOT THE RULE! 



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