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Melting Tips

Tips for getting the best scent throw out of your melts...

- If you have an open floor plan and/or vaulted ceilings, I would suggest having at least two full size warmers going at the same time. (Small plug-in style warmers are typically only good for smaller areas or as accent warmers.)

 - Same as above, the bigger the space, the more warmers needed! Although, one full size warmer should be plenty for any size bedroom since they are typically closed off and not an open style space.

- Do not place your warmer directly in the path of an a/c vent or ceiling fan, as this will prevent your wax from reaching the right temperature for maximum scent throw. (Before I was experienced with this stuff I threw away two warmers because I thought they were going out. I just could not get my wax to melt all the way! Once I realized the problem and turned off my tower fan, my wax melted beautifully!)

- Depending on the size of the melt, you may need to add more than one piece. Too much wax, and the wax will drown the fragrance oil. Too little wax, and it may burn up in your warmer bowl. I personally would NOT burn less than half of an ounce in any warmer. 

- Store your melts in a cool, dark place! And never in ziplock bags from the grocery store! The type of plastic used will absorb your scent over time. If possible keep your melts stored in the packaging they arrived in.

- If you struggle with removing old wax from your warmer when you're ready to burn a new scent I have a few tips for that as well!

     **The best way I have personally found to remove the old wax is by using an old tupperware bowl and some paper towels. Make sure you do this immediately after turning your warmer off before the wax gets hard! I pick up the wax bowl on my warmer and CAREFULLY dump the melted wax into the tupperware bowl. Then I use the paper towels to wipe any excess wax that may have ran off the edge of the wax bowl or that may be left inside. Keep in mind that the wax bowl on your warmer may be HOT! Once you have filled up the tupperware bowl after a few days, just flex the bowl until you loosen the edges around the dried wax and then dump it in the trash. Super easy!



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