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May Pre-order 2022

May Pre-order 2022


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(NOTE: Ice packs take up lots of space in a box when they are frozen solid. Sometimes the use of extra ice packs results in the need for the box to be upgraded. Which can sometimes cost several dollars more in shipping. I will list an approximate amount of ice packs I can fit into a fully packed box below… if you wish to purchase extra ice packs and they cannot fit in the size box I purchase for your size order it may result in you being invoiced a few extra dollars for the upgrade. If we come across this situation while packing I will contact each customer and give you the option of getting refunded for the ice packs that will not fit or upgrading your box!)
PFRE – none unless you only have one item.
RRA – I can typically fit 2 ice packs in a fully packed box this size.
RRB – 3 maybe 4 depending on the items in the box.
MFR – approximately 3.
LFR – 4 (sometimes 5 depending on the items.)
The following blends will be available in:
4 oz Souffles - $6.40
8 oz Wax Tubs - $12.80
12 oz Loaves - $19.20
Banana Spice - Vanilla pound cake, banana, caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla buttercream.
Cabin In The Woods - Fir needles, smoked woods, marshmallow fireside, cedarwood, sandalwood, and minty snow.
Cheesecake Cookies - Sugar Cookies, creamy cheesecake, graham crackers, marshmallow cream, and a hint of sweet spice.
Christmas Tree’s & Cream + Apple Cider Donuts (layered) - Fresh pine boughs, vanilla sugar waffle cone, and rich vanilla buttercream layered with Orchard apples, a hint of cinnamon, caramel, and a rich cake donut.
Cotton Soft Vanilla - Vanilla, tonka bean, musk, and soft laundry.
Cotton Soft Vanilla + Tiff’s Favorite Lavender (layered)
Down in Kokomo & It’s 5 o clock Somewhere (layered - Pineapple, mango zest, passion fruit, green apple, orchid leaves, guava, and sweet berries layered with Frozen lime margarita, champagne bubbles, and sweet lime.
Hot Girl Summer - Crisp melon, island coconut, palm leaves, and a hint if Beach Treats (Beach Nights).
I (heart) Vanilla Beach Treats - Creamy vanilla marshmallow, vanilla milkshake, Boardwalk Marshmallow, and Beach Treats (Beach Nights).
Island Bakery - Pineapple, peach nectar, tropical fruits, slight hint of coconut milk, strawberry pound cake, and iced lemon cookies.
London Fog - Earl Grey Tea, lavender milk, with a hint of boardwalk marshmallow.
Milk & Cookies - Creamy vanilla, powdered sugar, sweet milk, buttery cookie dough.
Palo Santo + Vanilla Clouds (layered) - Palo Santo layered with Icey vanilla woods and Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds.
Patisserie - Warm donuts, baked bread, powdered sugar, and a touch of spice.
Pink Lavender Linen - Pink Sugar, sweet Lavender, luxe linen.
Pink Lemonade Birthday Cake - Sweet pink lemonade, birthday cake and creamy frosting with tart lemons.
Pistachio Dream Sugar Cookies - A delicious blend of Pistachio Dream Cake and Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies.
Rain & Woods - Crunchy leaves, wet flowers, clove, balsam, patchouli, and sandalwood. Crunchy leaves, wet flowers, clove, balsam, patchouli, and sandalwood.
Salem - Gala apples, fraser fir, figs, mahogany, and cedarwood.
Satsumas & Linen - Satsuma Mandarins, bergamot, exotic fruits, and fresh linen.
Silent Night - Palo Santo, Signature Sugar Cookies, and Beach Treats.
Snowpocalypse 2021 - A magnificent blend of Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds, cashmere, sandalwood, vanilla bean, and cedar.
Strawberry Lovers Dream - Fresh strawberries, sugar cookies, strawberry frosting, and moist cake.
Summer Circus Cookies - Strawberry Pound Cake blended with Frosted Lemon Circus Cookies.
Surfside Sweet Shop - Birthday cake, marshmallow cream, butter cookies, cake batter, and Beach Treats (Beach Nights).
The 3 Eyed Raven - Palo Santo, sweet lavender, vanilla birch, marshmallow fireside, and cold air.
The Dornishman’s Wife - Palo Santo, blackberries, Marshmallow Fireside, with the slightest hint of lemon.
The Riverlands - Palo Santo, cool mountain air, balsam, patchouli, crisp melon, cedar, crunchy leaves, and sandalwood.
Tilly & Pip - Peach Magnolia, Downy April Fresh, Pink Chiffon.
Toasted Marshmallow Sugar Cookies - Sweet sugar, buttery shortbread, buttercream frosting, vanilla, sugar cookie dough, and toasty marshmallows.
(NEW) Biscotti Dolce - Sugar cookie dough, vanilla cream, vanilla biscotti, whipped cream.
(NEW) Blackberry Jam + Cheesecake Cookies (layered)
(NEW) Bonfire Nights - Bonfires, cashmere, vanilla, sandalwood, roasted marshmallow
(NEW) Cleaning Day – Bright citrus notes of lemon and tart lime, sweet honeydew melon, and the smell of clean sheets.
(NEW) Cozy Cookie Cake – Warm iced white cake, Beach Treats, Marshmallow Fireside, and Signature Sugar Cookie.
(NEW) Hot Tropic – A fruity summer beverage consisting of juicy orange, cherry, grapefruit, peaches, strawberry, lemon zest, and bubbly soda.
(NEW) I (heart) Vanilla Palo Santo - Creamy vanilla marshmallow, vanilla milkshake, Marshmallow & Magnolias blended with warm palo santo.
(NEW) Jam-boree - Wild Berry Jam Donut, fresh baked bread, with a hint of sugar and spice.
(NEW) Kinda Bad/Kinda Boujee - Strawberry Pound Cake, warm vanilla sugar, and vanilla sugar cookies.
(NEW) Krispy Dream - Warm powdered donuts, cinnamon sugared donuts, old fashioned cake donuts, burnt sugar, and toasty campfire donuts.
(NEW) Lavender Sky – White Clouds, lavender vanilla, Marshmallow & Magnolias, and a hint of salty sea air.
(NEW) Michael – Vanilla birch, mahogany vanilla, and smooth marshmallow cream.
(NEW) Milk Cookies & Beach Treats - Creamy vanilla, powdered sugar, sweet milk, buttery cookie dough blended with Beach Treats (Beach Nights Type).
(NEW) Milk Cookies & Lavender – Sweet lavender, creamy vanilla, powdered sugar, sweet milk, buttery cookie dough.
(NEW) Pink Siguatnure Sugar Cookies – Pink sugar crystals blended with our signature sugar cookie.
(NEW) Raspberry Jam Frosted Sugar Cookies – Our signature sugar cookie and butter cookies all topped with red raspberry jam.
(NEW) Smoke Show – Marshmallow Musk, Marshmallow Fireside, and toasted marshmallows.
(NEW) Strawberry Pound Cake + Signature Sugar Cookie (layered)
(NEW) Summer Fruit & Cookies – Oranges, fresh strawberries, and raspberry layered on top of Milk & Cookies.
(NEW) Summer of Love – Mango, tangerines, dragon fruit, papaya, jasmine, and coconut leaves.
(NEW) Summer Sorbet – Fresh lime, pineapple, orange, raspberry lychee sorbet, and warm weather.
(NEW) Sweet Dreams - Sweet Lavender, Vanilla Clouds, Clean Cotton, Vanilla Mint.
(NEW) Tiff’s Favorite Coffee – Sweet cream, bakery dough, rich expresso, sugar and spice topped with frothy milk.
(NEW) Tiff’s Twisted Sundae - Cupcakes at Tiffany’s, Pecan Waffles, Pretzels, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream.
(NEW) Waffle Bomb - Berry Waffle Cone, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, funnel cake and powdered sugar.
(NEW) Witches Be Crazy for Palo Santo - Birthday cake, pecan waffles, sugar cookie dough, a pinch of cinnamon spiced vanilla blended with palo santo.
(NEW) Witches Be Crazy for Strawberry Pound Cake - Birthday cake, pecan waffles, sugar cookie dough, a pinch of cinnamon spiced vanilla, and strawberry pound cake.
(NEW) Witches Be Crazy for Zucchini Bread - Birthday cake, pecan waffles, sugar cookie dough, a pinch of cinnamon spiced vanilla, and zucchini bread.
The following blends contain luxury fragrance oils and will available in the following:
4 oz Souffles - $7.20
8 oz Wax Tubs - $14.40
12 oz Loaves - $21.60
(NEW) Cashmere + Lace** – Cashmere cream, clothes pins, cotton soft vanilla, and vanilla lace. (I made a change to this one after studying the scent profiles of each oil.)
Dark Desires**- Cashmere Cream, blackberries, vanilla orchid, and cotton candy musk.
(NEW) I (heart) Vanilla Cashmere**- Creamy vanilla marshmallow, vanilla milkshake, Marshmallow & Magnolias, and Cashmere Cream.
(NEW) Spun Sugar** - Cotton Candy Clouds, Beach Treats, Cashmere Cream.
(NEW) Sugarfoot** - Watermelon, sugar crystals, honey dew melons, and birthday cake.
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