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August Ready To Ship

August Ready To Ship

Items do go quickly and are not unlimited! I do only have a certain amount of each blend as they are left over from the pre-order.
🛑Items WILL jump your cart… Some items WILL over-sell by 1 or 2! They always do due to the amount of people checking out simultaneously. I can usually re-pour most of the items that over sell, however this time I will NOT be able to since I am smooth out of one of my waxes! So I will be refunding any oversold items and notifying those customers via email by the end of the weekend!
I would suggest getting in and grabbing your must have’s first, then going back in for a second order if you want to grab anything else.
Email Desi with order numbers for combined orders! Desi@teddybeeswaxco.com
Please do not send them via messenger as lots tend to get lost in the spam folder.
🛑ICE PACKS!  This is the last time I will be offering ice packs guys. They just honestly slow the packing process down so so much and they only stay frozen for 3 to 4 hours outside of an insulated container.
I have a few cases left in stock and I will add them to the site, but once they are sold out I cannot add more.
(New additions at bottom.)
The following blends will be available in:
4 oz Souffles - $6.40
8 oz Wax Tubs - $12.80
12 oz Loaves - $19.20
Banana Spice - Vanilla pound cake, banana, caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla buttercream.
Cabin In The Woods - Fir needles, smoked woods, marshmallow fireside, cedarwood, sandalwood, and minty snow.
Cheesecake Cookies - Sugar Cookies, creamy cheesecake, graham crackers, marshmallow cream, and a hint of sweet spice.
Christmas Tree’s & Cream + Apple Cider Donuts (layered) - Fresh pine boughs, vanilla sugar waffle cone, and rich vanilla buttercream layered with Orchard apples, a hint of cinnamon, caramel, and a rich cake donut.
Cotton Soft Vanilla - Vanilla, tonka bean, musk, and soft laundry.
Cotton Soft Vanilla + Tiff’s Favorite Lavender (layered)
Down in Kokomo & It’s 5 o clock Somewhere (layered - Pineapple, mango zest, passion fruit, green apple, orchid leaves, guava, and sweet berries layered with Frozen lime margarita, champagne bubbles, and sweet lime.
Hot Girl Summer - Crisp melon, island coconut, palm leaves, and a hint if Beach Treats (Beach Nights).
I (heart) Vanilla Beach Treats - Creamy vanilla marshmallow, vanilla milkshake, Boardwalk Marshmallow, and Beach Treats (Beach Nights).
Island Bakery - Pineapple, peach nectar, tropical fruits, slight hint of coconut milk, strawberry pound cake, and iced lemon cookies.
London Fog - Earl Grey Tea, lavender milk, with a hint of boardwalk marshmallow.
Milk & Cookies - Creamy vanilla, powdered sugar, sweet milk, buttery cookie dough.
Palo Santo + Vanilla Clouds (layered) - Palo Santo layered with Icey vanilla woods and Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds.
Patisserie - Warm donuts, baked bread, powdered sugar, and a touch of spice.
Pink Lavender Linen - Pink Sugar, sweet Lavender, luxe linen.
Pink Lemonade Birthday Cake - Sweet pink lemonade, birthday cake and creamy frosting with tart lemons.
Pistachio Dream Sugar Cookies - A delicious blend of Pistachio Dream Cake and Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies.
Rain & Woods - Crunchy leaves, wet flowers, clove, balsam, patchouli, and sandalwood. Crunchy leaves, wet flowers, clove, balsam, patchouli, and sandalwood.
Salem - Gala apples, fraser fir, figs, mahogany, and cedarwood.
Satsumas & Linen - Satsuma Mandarins, bergamot, exotic fruits, and fresh linen.
Silent Night - Palo Santo, Signature Sugar Cookies, and Beach Treats. (SOUFFLES/TUBS ONLY!)
Snowpocalypse 2021 - A magnificent blend of Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds, cashmere, sandalwood, vanilla bean, and cedar.
Strawberry Lovers Dream - Fresh strawberries, sugar cookies, strawberry frosting, and moist cake.
Summer Circus Cookies - Strawberry Pound Cake blended with Frosted Lemon Circus Cookies.
Surfside Sweet Shop - Birthday cake, marshmallow cream, butter cookies, cake batter, and Beach Treats (Beach Nights).
The 3 Eyed Raven - Palo Santo, sweet lavender, vanilla birch, marshmallow fireside, and cold air.
The Dornishman’s Wife - Palo Santo, blackberries, Marshmallow Fireside, with the slightest hint of lemon.
The Riverlands - Palo Santo, cool mountain air, balsam, patchouli, crisp melon, cedar, crunchy leaves, and sandalwood.
Tilly & Pip - Peach Magnolia, Downy April Fresh, Pink Chiffon.
Toasted Marshmallow Sugar Cookies - Sweet sugar, buttery shortbread, buttercream frosting, vanilla, sugar cookie dough, and toasty marshmallows.
Biscotti Dolce - Sugar cookie dough, vanilla cream, vanilla biscotti, whipped cream.
Blackberry Jam + Cheesecake Cookies (layered)
Bonfire Nights - Bonfires, cashmere, vanilla, sandalwood, roasted marshmallow
Cleaning Day – Bright citrus notes of lemon and tart lime, sweet honeydew melon, and the smell of clean sheets.
Cozy Cookie Cake – Warm iced white cake, Beach Treats, Marshmallow Fireside, and Signature Sugar Cookie.
Hot Tropic – A fruity summer beverage consisting of juicy orange, cherry, grapefruit, peaches, strawberry, lemon zest, and bubbly soda.
I (heart) Vanilla Palo Santo - Creamy vanilla marshmallow, vanilla milkshake, Marshmallow & Magnolias blended with warm palo santo.
Jam-boree - Wild Berry Jam Donut, fresh baked bread, with a hint of sugar and spice.
Kinda Bad/Kinda Boujee - Strawberry Pound Cake, warm vanilla sugar, and vanilla sugar cookies.
Krispy Dream - Warm powdered donuts, cinnamon sugared donuts, old fashioned cake donuts, burnt sugar, and toasty campfire donuts.
Lavender Sky – White Clouds, lavender vanilla, Marshmallow & Magnolias, and a hint of salty sea air.
Michael – Vanilla birch, mahogany vanilla, and smooth marshmallow cream.
Milk Cookies & Beach Treats - Creamy vanilla, powdered sugar, sweet milk, buttery cookie dough blended with Beach Treats (Beach Nights Type).
Milk Cookies & Lavender – Sweet lavender, creamy vanilla, powdered sugar, sweet milk, buttery cookie dough.
Pink Siguatnure Sugar Cookies – Pink sugar crystals blended with our signature sugar cookie.
Raspberry Jam Frosted Sugar Cookies – Our signature sugar cookie and butter cookies all topped with red raspberry jam.
Smoke Show – Marshmallow Musk, Marshmallow Fireside, and toasted marshmallows.
Strawberry Pound Cake + Signature Sugar Cookie (layered)
Summer Fruit & Cookies – Oranges, fresh strawberries, and raspberry layered on top of Milk & Cookies.
Summer of Love – Mango, tangerines, dragon fruit, papaya, jasmine, and coconut leaves.
Summer Sorbet – Fresh lime, pineapple, orange, raspberry lychee sorbet, and warm weather.
Sweet Dreams - Sweet Lavender, Vanilla Clouds, Clean Cotton, Vanilla Mint.
Tiff’s Favorite Coffee – Sweet cream, bakery dough, rich expresso, sugar and spice topped with frothy milk.
Tiff’s Twisted Sundae - Cupcakes at Tiffany’s, Pecan Waffles, Pretzels, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream.
Waffle Bomb - Berry Waffle Cone, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, funnel cake and powdered sugar.
Witches Be Crazy for Palo Santo - Birthday cake, pecan waffles, sugar cookie dough, a pinch of cinnamon spiced vanilla blended with palo santo.
Witches Be Crazy for Strawberry Pound Cake - Birthday cake, pecan waffles, sugar cookie dough, a pinch of cinnamon spiced vanilla, and strawberry pound cake.
Witches Be Crazy for Zucchini Bread - Birthday cake, pecan waffles, sugar cookie dough, a pinch of cinnamon spiced vanilla, and zucchini bread.
The following blends contain luxury fragrance oils and will available in the following:
4 oz Souffles - $7.20
8 oz Wax Tubs - $14.40
12 oz Loaves - $21.60
Cashmere + Lace** – Cashmere cream, clothes pins, cotton soft vanilla, and vanilla lace. (I made a change to this one after studying the scent profiles of each oil.)
Dark Desires**- Cashmere Cream, blackberries, vanilla orchid, and cotton candy musk.
I (heart) Vanilla Cashmere**- Creamy vanilla marshmallow, vanilla milkshake, Marshmallow & Magnolias, and Cashmere Cream.
Spun Sugar** - Cotton Candy Clouds, Beach Treats, Cashmere Cream.
Sugarfoot** - Watermelon, sugar crystals, honey dew melons, and birthday cake
** I will be adding the other batch of Cashmere + Lace that I poured first at a discounted price also!**
Beaches - Warm sand, sea spray, mandarin, jasmine, and lavender.
Berry Waffle Cone BBW Type – Sweet berries, fresh baked waffle cone, and creamy vanilla.
Blackberry Butter Pecan Cookies - Butter pecan waffles, blackberry jam butter cookies.
Blue Lagoon – Blue Sugar, sea moss, water mint, cedarwood, tropical flowers, and citrus.
Fresh Summer Woods - Cottonwood, driftwood, orange blossom, vanilla, with crisp airy undertones.
La Vida Loca - Vanilla Passionfruit blended Life Is Good.
Little Pumpkin Beach Party – Beach Nights, pumpkin cupcakes, and marshmallow fluff.
Nude Beach – Crème de Bum Bum, Cashmere Cream, and Beach Nights.
Palo Santo - Sage, vanilla, mint, citrus and cedar.
Palo Santo & Lemon – Woodsy palo santo paired with fresh meyer lemons and a hint of sweet lemon curd.
The Hamptons - Watermelon Lemonade Type, salty sea air, and crisp linen.
The Long Night - Cocoa butter, cashmere, tonka, oud wood, Marshmallow Fireside.
Trickin’ & Treatin’ - Purple Sugar (Pink & Blue Sugar), Boardwalk Marshmallow, and vanilla cake pops.
Witchy Woman – Warm flannel, blackberries, and Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds.
(NEW) Almond BBW Type - Almond blossoms, blooming orchids, soothing vanilla, and warm sandalwood.
(NEW) Black Cat**- Sweet on Paris type, smoked woods, peppercorn, vanilla cashmere, and sandalwood.
(NEW) Southern Pumpkin – Pumpkin, spiced cake, cream cheese frosting, with a hint of caramel and blueberry.
(NEW) November Rain – Green leaves, clean air, moss, vetiver, dew drops, cranberries, citrus, with hints of mint and pear.
(NEW) Pumpkin Queen – Fresh pumpkin, clove, bourbon, toasted oak, vanilla santal, pistachio, finished with cashmere and cocoa butter.
(NEW) Sugar Skull – Pink candy crystals, toasted marshmallow, and the slightest hint of woods.
(NEW) Sugared Cider – Old fashioned sugar cookies, a hint of cinnamon and sugar, and cider donuts.
(NEW) Twisted Witch – Birthday cake, pecan waffles, touch of spice, warm donuts, and dark cranberries.
(NEW) Wicked – Dark plums, rich vanilla, and black amber.
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