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Our Chunk Bags contain anywhere from 4 to 7 (depending on the weight of each chunk) large chunks of wax! Just slice them into your desired size pieces and toss them into your wax warmer! (no less than a half ounce!)

Chunk Bags weigh approximately 7.8 - 8.6 oz.

Pink Bum Bum Boardwalk - Pink Sugar, Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds, and Bum Bum Cream.
Strawberry Bum Bum - Strawberry Pound Cake BBW & Bum Bum Cream.
Strawberry Vanilla Birch – Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type and Vanilla Birch.
Take Your Bum Bum To Bed - Tiff's Favorite Lavender blended with Bum Bum Cream.
Lavender Cream - Lavender, marshmallows, vanilla sugar waffle cone.
Sundresses and Lemonade - Fresh ozone and air, roses, jasmine, lavender, vanilla, melon, sugared lemon with a fizzy twist.
Seaside Siesta - Creamy coconut, golden sands, and lavender.
Clean & Cozy* – A comforting blend of cashmere and cotton with lavender and vanilla.
Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies – Sweet sugar, buttery shortbread, buttercream frosting, vanilla, sugar cookie dough.
Sugar Plum Romance - Sugared plums, vanilla, and Amber Romance.
Snow cones By The Sea - Watermelon, black cherry, juicy apples, and salty sea air.
Coconut Clouds - Coconut Sandalwood & Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds.
Berry Waffle Cone BBW Type
Coachella - Lavender, cedarwood, tonka, sandalwood, tropical fruits, jasmine, coconut milk, sea salt, sea moss, and green vetiver.
Christmas Trees & Cream - Fresh pine boughs, vanilla sugar waffle cone, and rich vanilla buttercream.
Vanilla Clouds - Icey vanilla woods and Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds.
Crushed Candy Cane Circus Cookies – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies blended with candy canes and vanilla.
Sugar Pop - Sugar cane, grapefruit, bubbly citrus, greenery, light florals, hint of vanilla.
Valhalla (reformulated) - White Clouds, Magic in the Air BBW type, and Vanilla Snowflake BBW type and a hint of pink sugar.
Freya - Cashmere Plums, Coconut Sandalwood, and Pink Sugar.
Sweet Peach Iced Tea - A blend of sweet southern iced tea and juicy Georgia peaches.
Dreamweaver - Flannel Sheets, soft lavender, with a hint of vanilla and peppermint.
Boardwalk Circus – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies and Marshmallow & Magnolias.
Blackberry Boardwalk - A blend of Beach Treats (Beach Nights) and Lovely.
Bunny Trail - Cedarwood, moss, pine cones, orchid, jasmine, vanilla sugar crystals.
Cherry Vanilla Biscotti – Vanilla bakery dough, shortbread, cherry and almond.
Crème de Bum Bum – Pistachio, almond, vanilla, jasmine, salted caramel, and sandalwood. (Bum Bum Cream type)
Dirty Blonde - Orange sherbet, marshmallows, champagne, raspberries, and cranberries (Blonde Moment).
Escobar - Palo Santo and Beach Treats (Beach Nights).
Frosted Mint Circus Cookies – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies with a hint of creamy mint and marshmallows.
His – Blue Sugar, Marshmallow Fireside, and Palo Santo.
Life is Good - Coconut cream, pineapple, orange, and vanilla ice cream.
Mr.Claus – Cranberry Woods BBW type, Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies, and palo santo.
Strawberry Pound Cake ( BBW Type)
Sunkissed - Black coconut, cassis, white blossoms, tonka bean, driftwood, and a hint of lime.
The 3-Eyed Raven - Palo Santo, sweet lavender, vanilla birch, marshmallow fireside, and cold air.
The Twins - Palo Santo, fresh water, green apples, vanilla amber, light florals, hint of pine needles.
Tyrion Lannister – Birch & Black Pepper and a hint of Bartlett pear.
Cinnamon Toast - Brown sugar, cinnamon, buttery pastry dough, vanilla buttercream.
Sugar Berry Birthday Cake – Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type, Blueberry Sugar BBW type, and birthday cake.
Sweetheart Cookies – Pink Sugar, frosted sugar cookies, shortbread, birthday cake, and sweet milk.
Warm & Cozy - Tonka Bean, jasmine, patchouli, and vanilla blended with Comfort BBW Type. (this is clean and warm at the same time!)
Spring Jubilee - Peaches, apples, berries, clean cotton sheets.
High Class - Blackberry Sugared Violets blended with Creme de Bum Bum.
Strawberry White Tea Lemonade - Fresh strawberries blended with crisp and refreshing white tea lemonade.
Sadie - Salty Sea Air, Vanilla Bean Noel, toasted marshmallows.
Frankish Princess - (Patisserie) Warm donuts, baked bread, powdered sugar, and a touch of spice blended with (Blackberry Butter Pecan Cookies) butter pecan waffles, blackberry jam, butter cookies.
Bum Bums on the Beach - Apple infused coconut water, tropical fruits, citrus, berries, tuberose, sun tan lotion, and warm driftwood (Beaches of Naath) blended with Creme de Bum Bum.
Lulubelle - Clothespins, dewberries, and a hint of vanilla mint.
Soothe - Sweet Lavender, cotton & cashmere, with clean green clover & aloe.
Surfside Sweet Shop - Birthday cake, marshmallow cream, butter cookies, cake batter, and Beach Treats (Beach Nights).
I (heart) Vanilla - Creamy vanilla marshmallow, vanilla milkshake, Marshmallow & Magnolias (Boardwalk Marshmallow).
Shake The Sugar Tree - Cherry marshmallow merengue, vanilla bean, spun sugar, and a hint of sweet lavender.
Homemade Memories - Rice Krispy Treats, vanilla frosting, and cake pops.
Pink Petal Tea Latte - Earl Grey Tea, coconut milk, and Pink Petal Tea Cake type.
London Fog - Earl Grey Tea, lavender milk, with a hint of boardwalk marshmallow.
Queen - Blackberry Sugared Violets paired perfectly with white birch and vanilla.
Tangerine Mimosa - Tangerine gelato, champagne, nectarine, black currants.
Cool Citrus Basil BBW Type
Blueberry Lemon Verbena - Lemon verbena, lemongrass, primrose, violet leaves, white musk, California oranges, and sweet blueberries.
Mon Cheri -Sweet on Paris, blackberries, and Marshmallow & Magnolias.
Marshmallow Musk BBW Type
Miss Lala - Marshmallow Musk BBW Type blended with Pink Sugar and lavender marshmallows.
Frosted Lemon Circus Cookies
Blackberry Bum Bum Boardwalk
The Hamptons - Watermelon Lemonade Type, salty sea air, and crisp linen.
Pink Lemonade Birthday Cake
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