Pre-Order opens Friday - 9/3 @ 6:00 PM CST - Closes Monday 9/6 @ 10:00 PM CST (unless we meet our TAT limit!)
The January pre-order will be shipping soon!

The January pre-order will be shipping soon!

Good evening! Sorry for the website being down for so long, but I was trying to update some things when I haven't been pouring. I am sure lots of you that are not in our facebook group are wondering when will this dang TAT be over!?!?! I know! I don't really love long TAT's either as a customer myself. However, as we grow it obviously is going to take long to fill these large pre-orders. Thank you so so so much for your patience! 

We are making excellent time with this pre-order! For now I will keep March 9th the start of shipping. (However if we finish pouring sooner then I will begin shipping sooner!) Now let me say this... just because you get your email on the 9th does not mean that your package is leaving here on the 9th. Emails are sent when the labels are printed. It will take me a few days to get everyone's orders packed and out the door.
All orders will be dropped off between Tuesday the 10th and Thursday the 12th! Once again, unless we finish sooner!
heck back here, or in our facebook group later this week for a full list for next weekends restock! 
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