Pre-Order opens Friday - 9/3 @ 6:00 PM CST - Closes Monday 9/6 @ 10:00 PM CST (unless we meet our TAT limit!)
January Pre-order | Giveaway| Shipping Update

January Pre-order | Giveaway| Shipping Update

Good Evening!!!
I hope you guys have had an amazing week so far! Mine has been surprisingly great! It has been so nice taking a small break from work to spend time with my family and get some stuff around the house done that I have been putting off for way too long. However! I am excited to get back to business!
Please read everything! Lots of info below!
💥The pre-order will be next Friday, the 17th @ 8 pm CST!
The list has not been finalized yet! I am still working my magic with a few of the new blends! I can give you some insight into what will be offered though!
· There will be a Laundry Sampler... I am thinking 6 - 8 blends.
· The Valentine's Day bundle... It will include 6 different scented hearts weighing approximately 2 oz each.
· There will also be: Mini Loaves, 8 oz Poly Bags like the ones introduced in the last pre-order, and 2 lb Mega Loaves.
Mega Loaves are different than our Queen Bee loaves! Our Mega Loaves will be 2 lbs with minimal decoration. In order to keep my TAT I am keeping the loaves simple! Our Queen Bee Loaves take a lot of time and meticulous detail to construct and they require their own packaging for safe travel so they will be offered by request only! I will give more details on that once I get ready to open the wait list for them.
💥The Queen Bee Loaf Giveaway will be Sunday @ 3 PM CST!
I am doing it Sunday so I can have plenty of time to make them prior to the giveaway. That way I can ship them out soon after! I will make another post with further details and entry instructions on Friday!
💥If you guys want to redeem your 12 oz loaf voucher that you received in your last pre-order box, please let me know BEFORE the pre-order closes. You can either leave it in the notes section of the checkout, private message me here or on IG, or email me
If you do not redeem it prior to the pre-order closing, you will have to hold onto it until the next one!
💥Shipping Changes!💥
I know I have been saying there will be some changes being made to the shipping, and the time has finally come. I have been holding off as long as I could because if it was left up to me, I would give you guys free shipping! However, due to the current increase with USPS and with the cost of shipping my supplies increasing… I just cannot absorb the out of pocket cost for shipping any longer. I have been paying out of pocket for any and all overages above the $8.00 flat rate I have been charging. It is just getting really expensive. So, starting this pre-order the flat rate charge will be $11.00.
If it cost more than that to ship your package, I will cover the overages. If it cost less than that and the difference is $1.00 or more, I will refund you the difference.
Combined shipping will stay as it always has been as far as how it works!
I have also updated the Master Scent list in our facebook group under the files tab, as well as here on the site! 
Thank You Guys!!!! 
Tiffany Smith
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