Pre-Order opens Friday - 9/3 @ 6:00 PM CST - Closes Monday 9/6 @ 10:00 PM CST (unless we meet our TAT limit!)
Important Info - Upcoming Pre-order

Important Info - Upcoming Pre-order

Our next pre-order will be this coming Friday, the 23rd! 

It will feature our new Christmas in July Collection, old faves, and new blends of course! I will be opening a voting poll in our facebook group in the next day or so, so make sure you cast your votes to see your favorites on the list! 

Some other important info regarding the upcoming pre-order is the turnaround time. My husband and I will be going out of town May 26 - June 5th which will be right in the middle of production. Because of this we have added 1 week on the TAT... so instead of shipping out on June 28th we will ship on July 5th!

We were also supposed to be making the much needed changes to the way shipping is priced but I have decided to wait until the next pre-order as I am still trying to perfect it to make it work the best for everyone. 

Once we get votes in for the scent list I will make another post here with the full details! 

Stay tuned!

Thank you guys!


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