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Hand Sanitizers & 8 oz Bags of Bobbi Brown "Beach"

Hand Sanitizers & 8 oz Bags of Bobbi Brown "Beach"

Okay so here's the final update before I post the sanitizer and the Beaches 8 oz bags!

I was going to post them today, but I still have to bag some of the beaches (I want an exact count on them) and label the sanitizer. The labels I ordered originally from Avery have been delayed so I had to get some from Staples today. I will finish bagging and labeling everything tonight and they will both go live tomorrow.

I will post them to the site @ 3 PM CST tomorrow!

Please read!

Sanitizer has to be shipped ground only, so I will NOT be combining them with preorders. They are RTS only!

If you want to order sanitizer and Beaches together they will be shipped together.

If you want to combine Beaches with your preorder PLEASE leave me a note or message me here with all of your order numbers! If you are combining the Beaches to your preorder please use the code BEACH to knock off shipping.

ONLY USE THE CODE IF YOU ARE COMBINING BEACHES TO YOUR PREORDER! If you use the code in any other case your order will be cancelled immediately!

Sanitizer will come in 6 oz bottles and include (2) lid options!

💥Remember!!!💥 This sanitizer contains ethanol alcohol which smells quite different than commercial sanitizer! Please allow 1 full minute of dry time for the fragrance to fully come through!

🌿$11.50 each

Breath of God
Cherry Lime Freeze
Lavender Love Spell
Citrus Basil
Peach Citron
Fancy Cakes

8 oz Poly Bags - $10.00/each

💥Beaches - Warm sand, sea spray, mandarin, jasmine, and lavender.

If you have any questions please let me know!

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