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Our scent shots are perfect little sample size cups that hold approximately 1.6 oz of wax, and come in a variety of scents and colors. Simply remove the wax from the cup and cut it in half or into your own desired portions.

**Tip** To remove the wax from the scent cup - simply squeeze the rim of the cup while spinning it around in your hand. This will allow the seal to break and the wax will pop out perfectly in tact every time! For a video of me showing how to do this visit our Instagram page!




Trickin’ & Treatin’ - Purple Sugar (Pink & Blue Sugar), Beach Treats (Beach Nights), and vanilla cake pops.
Sweet Lavender Twist - Lavender, vanilla, pink sugar, cotton candy frosting.
A Viking Yule – Mahogany Balsam BBW type with a hint of palo santo.
Fall Berry Sugar Cookies - Cranberries dusted in sugar and sweet sugar cookies.
Breaking Dawn – Tiff’s favorite lavender, cashmere cream, marshmallow & Magnolias.
Bee Clean – Green clover, aloe, violet petals, rose, orange, and musk.
Pillow Talk - A blend of lavender and sweet vanilla. (BBW Type)
Teddy Bear Biscuits - Warm beignets made with nutmeg, creamy vanilla, coated in powdered sugar and dipped in whipped cream.
Pink Moon - Pink Sugar, sweet lavender, the smell of rain, crushed apple blossoms, and bruised flowers.
Sweetheart Cookies – Pink Sugar, frosted sugar cookies, shortbread, birthday cake, and sweet milk.
Pumpkin Vanilla Cream BBW Type
Essence of Nightshade - Lavender, white woods, white pepper, eucalyptus, cashmere, and musk blended with Tiff’s Favorite Lavender.
Tears of Lys - Palo Santo, pink strawberries, amber, and vanilla lace.
Downy April Fresh Type
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