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Pink & Blue Sugar Cupcakes - SALE!

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These adorable cupcakes come in a variety of Pink & Blue Sugar house blends! 

They each weigh approximately 2.3 oz.

Boudoir – Pink Sugar, Palo Santo, Sugar Cookies.
Royal Pink – Pink Sugar, buttery toffee, buttercream, fluffy white cake, and sugar cookies.
Pink Lavender Linen – Pink Sugar, sweet lavender, luxe linen.
Pretty Sweet – Pink Sugar, blackberries, and Marshmallow & Magnolias.
Pink Summer – Pink Sugar, summer scoop, crème brulee.
Abracadabra – Pink Sugar, Magic in the air, and Let them Eat Cake.
Lace Trim – Pink Sugar, clothespins, and vanilla lace.
Hers – Pink Sugar, Marshmallow Fireside, and Palo Santo.
Grey Worm & Missandei – Blue Sugar, Beaches of Naath, and a hint of Lord of Misrule.
His – Blue Sugar, Marshmallow Fireside, and Palo Santo.
Bad Beaches – Beaches type, cocoa butter, cashmere, and blue sugar.
Goddess – Blue Sugar & Volcano type.
Blue Tatas – Blue Sugar, marshmallow bomb, and Tata.
Blue Lagoon – Blue Sugar, sea moss, water mint, cedarwood, tropical flowers, and citrus.
Lavender Blue Vanilla – Blue Sugar, Lavender Vanilla Downey type, Sweet Lavender.
Titus – Blue Sugar blended with Mahogany Coconut.


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