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Our Souffle Cups come bagged in a small tin perfect for those of you who like to try lots of different scents without committing to a larger quantity!

Weight: approximately 4 oz.


Witches Be Crazy - Birthday cake, pecan waffles, sugar cookie dough, and a pinch of cinnamon spiced vanilla.
Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies – Sweet sugar, buttery shortbread, buttercream frosting, vanilla, sugar cookie dough.
Lavender Frosted Circus Cookies – Sweet lavender blended with our Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies.
Pistachio Dream Circus Cookies – A delicious blend of Pistachio Dream Cake, Pistachio Macaroon, and Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies.
Christmas Trees & Cream - Fresh pine boughs, vanilla sugar waffle cone, and rich vanilla buttercream.
Sugar Berry Birthday Cake – Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type, Blueberry Sugar BBW type, and birthday cake.
Tiff’s Favorite Birthday Cake + Strawberry Pound Cake House Blend (Layered)
Milk, Cookies, & Zucchini Bread – Our Milk & Cookies blended with Zucchini Bread.
Santa Claus is Coming to Town – The smell of fresh baked cookies, candy canes, and Christmas Trees.
The Haunted Bakery - Zucchini Bread, buttercream frosting, pecan pralines.
Tiff's Favorite Lavender - Lavender, sweet marshmallows, vanilla coconut milk.
Vintage Flannel - Leaves type, sandalwood, cedarwood, dark chocolate, suede, velvet woods, jasmine, and musk.
Milk & Cookies - Creamy vanilla, powdered sugar, sweet milk, buttery cookie dough.
Boardwalk Circus Cookies – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies and Marshmallow & Magnolias.
Blackberry Butter Pecan Cookies - Butter pecan waffles, blackberry jam, butter cookies.
Cherry Vanilla Biscotti – Vanilla bakery dough, shortbread, cherry and almond.
Strawberry Pound Cake ( BBW Type)
Royal Pink – Pink Sugar, buttery toffee, buttercream, fluffy white cake, and sugar cookies.
Winter Farmhouse – Sugar cane, rosemary, blue spruce, teakwood, sweet mint, palo santo, and light florals.
Old School Christmas – Fresh pine, red apples, warm cinnamon, sugar crystals, and marshmallow cream.(This one is my interpretation of The Perfect Christmas by BBW)
Carpe Diem - Raspberry, cranberry, iced champagne, sweet lavender, honey dew melons, and fizzy citrus.
Sundresses and Lemonade - Fresh ozone and air, roses, jasmine, lavender, vanilla, melon, sugared lemon with a fizzy twist.
Rain & Woods - Crunchy leaves, wet flowers, clove, balsam, patchouli, and sandalwood. 
The Perfect Storm - Sea spray, ocean water, citrus, damp leaves, dark amber, and oak moss.
Banana Spice - Vanilla pound cake, banana, caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla buttercream.
Blankets by the Bonfire - Fresh linens, white tea, bergamot, lavender, bonfire bliss.
Mon Cheri – Sweet on Paris, blackberries, and Marshmallow & Magnolias.
Lavender Snow – Winter type, silver birch, lavender milk, and vanilla cream.
Winterfell - Marshmallow fireside, palo santo, white birch, icy snow and vanilla.
Fall Brulee - Pumpkin, cinnamon & spices, french vanilla, maple, marshmallows, caramelized sugar, and cake batter.
Lace Trim – Pink Sugar, clothespins, and vanilla lace.
Messy Buns & Ugg Boots - Vanilla Chai Tea and vanilla bean noel.
Lavender Marshmallow Peppermint - Spa lavender, marshmallows, and peppermint.
Head in the Clouds – White Clouds, Tiff’s Favorite Lavender, and Pink Sugar.
Strawberry Lavender Pound Cake - Golden pound cake, sweet lavender, strawberry buttercream, marshmallow whip.
Vanilla Pumpkin Circus Cookies – A blend of our Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies paired with pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla cream.
Cirque du Christmas – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies blended with Christmas Tree’s & Cream.
Crushed Candy Cane Circus Cookies – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies blended with candy canes and vanilla.
The Crack of Dawn – Coffee Bean a La Mode + Witches Be Crazy (layered).
Vanilla Balsam Circus Cookies – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies blended with Vanilla Balsam BBW Type.
Peach Cobbler Circus Cookies – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies blended with decadent peach cobbler.
Fall Circus Cookies – Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies blended with Berry Waffle Cone BBW Type.
Mr. Claus – Cranberry Woods BBW type, Frosted Circus Sugar Cookies, and palo santo.
Mrs. Claus – Frosted Cranberry BBW type blended with Boardwalk Circus Cookies.
Vanilla Balsam BBW Type.
Fall Berry Sugar Cookies - Cranberries dusted in sugar and sweet sugar cookies.
Crème de Bum Bum – Pistachio, almond, vanilla, jasmine, salted caramel, and sandalwood. (Bum Bum Cream type)
Anthony’s Cabin – Birch leaves, citrus peel, pine cones, white florals, vetiver, sandalwood, and woods. (This is a special one. In memory of Anthony, son of our fellow friend Dawn.)
A Viking Yule – Mahogany Balsam BBW type with a hint of palo santo.
Pumpkins & Hayrides – Pumpkin, a touch of sweet cinnamon, amber, brown sugar, warm hay, forest fern, and woods.
Peanut Buddies – Peanut butter cookies, pecan pralines, and sweet shortbread cookies.
The Perfect Autumn - The perfect combination of mouthwatering cranberry, spiced pumpkins and juicy apples. (BBW type)
Strawberry Vanilla Birch – Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type and Vanilla Birch.
Team Pumpkin – Pumpkin pie, vanilla frosting, sweet sugar cookies, blended with our Sugar & Spice.
Team Apple – Apples, vanilla frosting, sweet sugar cookies, blended with our Sugar & Spice.
Merry Berry Marshmallow – Blueberries, strawberries, elder berries, pomegranate,marshmallow bomb, and a hint of candy canes.
Cranberry Balsam – Snow covered cranberries, sweet vanilla, and cool balsam.
Winter Solstice – Winter BBW Type, frosted eucalyptus, and a hint of mint.
Apple Cider Donut – Orchard apples, a hint of cinnamon, caramel, and a rich cake donut.
Pink Peppermint Cookies - Pink Sugar, peppermint candy, and sugar cookies.
Hers – Pink Sugar, Marshmallow Fireside, and Palo Santo.
Castle Black – Blackwood Jo Malone Type.
Abracadabra – Pink Sugar, Magic in the air, and Let them Eat Cake.
The Rains of Castamere - Palo Santo, smoked vanilla, leather, and suede.
Life is Good - Coconut cream, pineapple, orange, and vanilla ice cream.
Grey Worm & Missandei – Blue Sugar, Beaches of Naath, and a hint of Lord of Misrule.
Titus – Blue Sugar blended with Mahogany Coconut.
Tyrion Lannister – Birch & Black Pepper and a hint of Bartlett pear.
Goddess – Blue Sugar & Volcano type.
County Fair - Kettle corn, soft pretzels, and fried ice cream.
Blueberry Cheesecake Waffles - Blueberries, creamy cheesecake, butter pecan waffles, maple syrup.
Doll Squad – Pink Sugar, sweet bakery dough, marshmallow bomb, and a hint of spearmint.
Strawberry Pound Cake ( BBW Type)
Sugar & Spice - Cinnamon and sugar, vanilla bean, and buttery baked dough. (My interpretation of Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla BBW TYPE)
The Bee Charmer – French Cade Lavender, peach, apple, magnolia, wood, and musk.
Sugar Plum Romance - Sugared plums, vanilla, and Amber Romance.
Lei’d on the Beach – A blend of Beach Treats (Beach Nights BBW) and Marshmallow & Magnolias. (Boardwalk Marshmallow BBW)
Botanica - A blend of lavender vanilla and Sweet on Paris.
Love Bug – Sugar cookies, lilacs, marshmallow cream, and hint of butter mints.
Tilly & Pip – Peach Magnolia, Downy April Fresh, Pink Chiffon.
Campfire Stories - Ooey gooey smores, cold night winds, and sweet vanilla woods.
(NEW) Team Pumpkin & Witches Be Crazy Layered
(NEW) Coconut Sandalwood BBW Type
(NEW) Coconut Clouds - Coconut Sandalwood & Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds.
(NEW) Pink Bum Bum Boardwalk - Pink Sugar, Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds, and Bum Bum Cream.
(NEW) Vanilla Clouds - Icey vanilla woods and Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds. (My mom made this one and it is AMAZING!)
(NEW) Freya - Cashmere Plums, Coconut Sandalwood, and Pink Sugar.
(NEW) Patisserie - Warm donuts, baked bread, powdered sugar, and a touch of spice.
(NEW) Valhalla - White Clouds, Let them Eat Cake, and Vanilla Snowflake BBW type.
(NEW) Pink Towels - Pink Sugar and towels fresh from the dryer.
(NEW) Frosted Apples - Crisp apples, orange zest, pears, sandalwood, musk, and patchouli. 
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